Francis Barbier-Martins massages Lanzarote

Massage therapist, RMT, massajista… whatever the title is and in any language, only the results matter whoever you’re visiting my office.

So much this is true as I follow the SlowMassage concept. At bodykinetik ©, no massage by the numbers. But a unique moment, where you enjoy every minute. Whether you come for a relaxing massage, some wellness instant, pain relief, some stretching. Just lose yourself in it, let the hands of your massage therapist do the job: just give yourself up, restore your energy level thanks to the benefits of a fully realized massage.

By coming to the island of Lanzarote, I hope channeling all the positive energy present here into my hands, palms, fists, forearms… anything that matter to give the best massage. Lanzarote’s volcanic origins (110 sleeping volcanoes here!) give a notion of infinite cycles to its surrounding ocean and the atmosphere itself of the island. From there, it helps circulate the energy through your body and mind.

This is a place where elegance meets untamed nature, where immaculate vineyards are pressed against unruly mountains and in which small-town charm is combined with well-traveled sensibilities. Ideal for any traveller looking for a change of pace. Also for any self-respecting sportsman / sportswoman. Just go for it, play fair, respect others, keep it fun, stay healthy, Give Back. And treat yourself with a massage… Runner, road/gravel/moutain cyclist, swimmer, surfer, triathlete, Iron Man, volleyball player… Lanzarote’s nature has everything to make your life complete.

For if sport serves the purposes of cohesion and development and is vital to the quality of life of some, it is not for everyone. But there is an equation that applies to all: 

Fatigue + fatigue = contracture
Contracture + contracture = muscle tissue break.

Francis Barbier-Martins massages Lanzarote

Stress, poor posture or any effort can cause fatigue, or worse. It could be the signal of something that you should pay attention to early on. Some pain that can be avoided by a massage. As simple as that.

Massage relieves anxiety, improves your sleep, reduces tension in the muscles.… By choosing the right rhythm and technique, I manage your emotional and physical state. Which comes handy if you show signs of stress, tensions, heavy legs syndrome, stiffness, muscle tensions… and fatigue (there you have it again).

Therefore we will decide together which is the best massage for you, today.

See you soon in my practrice! 

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