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Welcome to bodykinetik.

My name is Francis Barbier-Martins, owner and Your Massage Therapist.

I am at your service to restore, preserve and promote optimal health, by
offering personalised massage adapted to your needs.

Massage wellness Lanzarote

Massages & Pricing

Every human is unique. So is every massage.

Having trained in several techniques, my massage practice adapts to your needs and
what my hands will find (tensions, muscle contractions, etc).

I choose a firm but adequate pressure on areas of the body that need it most, alternating
moments of balance to provide the expected sensations of relaxation and relief.

A one hour session is recommended for first appointments, as a short assessment is
required to get to know you better, what I need to know about your body, and what I can
do for you.

30 minutes massage Lanzarote


Dedicated to a specific area of the body that needs special attention: back, trapezius muscles, legs, shoulders…
or just a relaxing moment after a strenuous day at work. 

60 minutes massage Lanzarote



An hour to recharge your batteries, take a necessary break. this choice is perfect for any type of massage, just the right balance between relaxation, revitalization of the body and mind - leaving with plenty of happiness and energy.

80 minutes massage Lanzarote


Better wellbeing for your body and mind, an 80 minute session will allow for a full and deeply relaxing massage.

An abandon where you can forget yourself and the rest fo the world.


A massage is by far the best, THE most efficient (and the most incredible) way to reconnect to yourself.

Everything! It can be deeply relaxing, invigorating, it can ease some sore muscles, help preparing a sport session (or after one), help improving your sleep, getting back your energy, or re lieving some heavy legs… a natural solution for each and everyone of you wishing to get better wellness for your body and mind.

Very well!
A session starts with a brief assessment, allowing me to get to know you better, as well as your needs - anything I should know before treating you(previous wounds, painful joints, etc.).
Then it’s time for the massage to start - and before leaving, if necessary, to do some stretching or strengthening exercises to maximize the massage effect (if needed).

You are in goods hands here!

Relieves stress
Boost the immune system
Improves sleep quality
Eases muscular and joint pains
Enhances blood circulation
Optimize the digestive system functioning
Prevents from injuries
Reduces muscles tensions
Improves joint mobility
Restores softeners and elasticity
Feeling good about yourself!

Each client will have a specific treatment, but there are definitely a variety of techniques that can be used, depending on your outcome from the session - allowing to keep your body in perfect condition.

- Deep Tissue: uses a very slow pace. It induces long, flowing strokes and involves the use of my hands, forearms, elbows palms and fists, to focus on specific areas of the body to release and loosen the tissue (no oil or some Karité butter for dry skin - all organic)
- Sport Massage: despite its name, it is for everyone! The massage alleviates stress and tension which builds up in the body's soft tissue. It will help drain away fatigue, relieve swelling, reduce muscle tension, promote flexibility. It helps the athlete prepare for and recover from a competitive event and aids the prevention of injury. (With organic massage oil and essential organic oils)
- Swedish massage : focused on specific areas, using palms and thumbs pressure, kneading and stretching techniques (with organic massage oil and essential organic oils)
- Lomi-Lomi (Hawaiian traditional massage) : gentle, deep and giving. With slow and continuous moves all along the body;, There are no right and left hand, just north and south. Working mainly with forearms, it is based ont the idea that your body has a memory, restored through a feeling of fullness and detoxification (with organic massage oil)
- Thai: this one is all dressed up (please wear a t-shirt and some loose fitting short, for example). On a futon, swarth some gentle, slow but firm pressure points & mobilizations. I’m iusing my hands and my feet, with some specific pressure points all over the body.

Important: The « no pain no gain » absurdity has no place here, as the pressure is introduced slowly, deeply with utmost respect for the body.

So we will decide together what can be the best massage I can give you, today.

See you soon!

You may be working from your home in front of a computer, with slights pains in the back and neck. You may be an athlete preparing for a triathlon, a cyclist, swimmer, runner, … or a surfer in need of some relaxing time after a hard day riding the waves.
Or you just want some « me time », for an hour or so of a better wellbeing.
Whoever you are, the massage is for you and you are more than welcome here. You will need a massage before being fully aware of needing one!

No, it does not! For any minor or major muscle tear, rehabilitation, painful scars, fracture… you will need to go to your physiotherapist, chiropractor, osteopath or local doctor. (And then they will send you back to me to sort things out with your muscles :) )

Yes. I do not treat anyone who has undergone recent surgery, skin problems (eczema, furunculosis, psoriasis or other related skin diseases). Nor do I in case of flu, cold, cough or any breathing problem.
Please go to your local doctor prior making an appointment.

I take care of anyone wanting to get a massage - regardless of age, sex, genre, color or planet. One exception though - no minors allowed.

Super easy question : Credit/debit card, Bizum (if you have a Spanish bank account)
Or cash. A 20€ deposit may be asked when you book on line or through WhatsApp / DM. 

You can get a discount by purchasing The 5 x 60mn or 5 x 80mn Deals

Definitely. I bring my massage table, oils and everything needed. Just add 20€ to the usual fee when in Puerto del Carmen (and 30€ outside Puerto del Carmen). Just call me. Or send a WhatsApp message and we’ll work it out.

Just click here, choose the day and time. You will receive an email confirmation and the possibility of including everything in your calendar.
A 20€ deposit may be asked - not to be refunded in case of a cancellation less than 24 hours before the day and time of booking.

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Massage therapist, RMT, massajista… whatever the title is and in any language, only the results matter whoever you’re visiting my office.

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