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Every human is unique… so is every massage.

Lanzarote wellness massage

My massage practice adapts to your wishes and mainly, depending on what my hands will find: tensions, muscle contractures, etc.

My work is above all a combined result of several techniques i have been trained for. With or without massage oil. My massage will adapt to what is required so you can get a pure moment of wellness. 
I choose a firm but adequate pressure on areas of the body that need it most, alternating moments of balance to provide the expected sensations of relaxation and relief.

Francis Barbier-Martins massages Lanzarote

For a first appointment : a short assessment is required to get to know you better. What I need to know about your body and what I can do for you. I advise a one hour session to start with.

A 30 mn session is dedicated to a specific area of the body that needs a special attention. The back,
the trapezius muscles, the legs, the shoulders… or just a relaxing moment after a strenuous day at

Francis Barbier-Martins massages Lanzarote

60 minutes: the most popular duration for a session concerning the upper body (back/torso) or the
lower body. Or the front part of the body. Or the back part. You name it!

If you want a greater moment of better wellbeing for your body and mind, 80mn will allow a full and
deeply relaxing body massage. A Lomi-Lomi massage - also know as Hawaiian massage - can be
perfect for this. I can add some stretching or joint work if needed. The aim is to let go and lose all
sense of time throughout a wonderful trip into the world of wellness.

30 minutes massage Lanzarote


Dedicated to a specific area of the body that needs special attention: back, trapezius muscles, legs, shoulders…
or just a relaxing moment after a strenuous day at work.

60 minutes massage Lanzarote



An hour to recharge your batteries, take a necessary break. this choice is perfect for any type of massage, just the right balance between relaxation, revitalization of the body and mind - leaving with plenty of happiness and energy

80 minutes massage Lanzarote


Better wellbeing for your body and mind, an 80 minute session will allow for a full and deeply relaxing massage.

An abandon where you can forget yourself and the rest fo the world.

90 minutes massage Lanzarote


Try the Deep Lomi-Lomi Massage
powerful fusion of the Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi
And the high-powered Deep Tissue

120 minutes massage Lanzarote


Ultimate Wellness experience
Two hours of total abandon
with the massage of your choice

5 x 60 minutes massage Lanzarote



Available one year for one person for any massage
from the date of purchase 

120 minutes massage Lanzarote



Available one year for one person for any massage
 from the date of purchase 


A massage is by far the best, THE most efficient (and the most incredible) way to reconnect to yourself.

Everything! It can be deeply relaxing, invigorating, it can ease some sore muscles, help preparing a sport session (or after one), help improving your sleep, getting back your energy, or relieving some heavy legs… a natural solution for each and everyone of you wishing to get better wellness for your body and mind.

Very well!
A session starts with a brief assessment, allowing me to get to know you better, as well as your needs - anything I should know before treating you(previous wounds, painful joints, etc.). 
Then it’s time for the massage to start - and before leaving, if necessary, to do some stretching or strengthening exercises to maximize the massage effect (if needed).
You are in goods hands here!

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