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Hello and welcome to bodykinetik. My name is Francis Barbier-Martins, owner and Your Massage Therapist.

I am a Freediving instructor (MEF1 French Federation and CMAS***) , a Scubadiving Instructor, an underwater photographer, a cyclist, a former volleyball player and skier… I have naturally come the wonderful world of massage & wellness through all theses experiences.

Some recurring back pains threw me off guard, and sent me straight to numerous physiotherapists, chiropractors, and to the notorious French School of the Back (« Ecole du Dos »). But something was missing in all of this. And after trying many, many techniques I found out that a Deep tissue massage was the most effective- for my body and my mind. Then it became crystal clear. This was definitely something for me - and for everyone else to experience. #newlife.

Massage Lanzarote wellness

So my life changed its course and after training at The Miki School in Paris, I have become a licensed massage therapist - specialized in Deep Tissue, Sport Massage, Swedish, Thaï and Lomi-Lomi massage. I am also a member of the FFMBE (Fédération Française du Massage BienÊtre), the French federation of massage therapists - because, as you may have guessed, I am
French indeed. And speaking different languages as well :)

Besides all this, You can also find me on the road cycling almost anywhere, or underwater looking
for some small creatures (or a Kraken, who knows). Or hiking. My body always on the move, the
best way for a healthy lifestyle.

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My values

Service excellence

Everything is said here. I managed a Customer experience department for 20 years and won a Best Customer Service Award. This level of service is expected on both sides.


I am fully dedicated to delivering a high-quality service and to ensuring follow-up if necessary. I am engaged for each and every one and adhere to the highest standards of wellness.


There have been different protocols and different schools for centuries. But massage therapy evolves on a regular basis. I have created my own technique and signature and I do continuously train.


Mutual Respect is expected.


I am responsible of my own actions and ensure the service is delivered in a satisfactory way.


I listen to my customers, whatever their needs.


I work honestly and diligently.


Superficial tissues, joints or any body areas in pain are vulnerable. This is something I take into account for finding the best way to relieve any pain through the power of touch. Thus creating a safe and trustful space.

Fun !

I am a sport massage & wellness therapist because understanding human anatomy can be fun and helping people feeling better really fulfilling.

The space

Lanzarote wellness massage
Massage Lanzarote Wellness
massage wellness Lanzarote
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